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My name is Peter Teddy and I am the creator and owner of SuperMoonHost.

SuperMoonHost will be your favorite site with the category of entertainment, news, grants & Loans, jobs, sites & earnings.

History of SuperMoonHost

I created this site in the year 2020, but could not afford money to renew my Web hosting fee, so my site could not be reached since then, and all contents got deleted and lost.

I later join contents creator in opera as news and articles publisher, they pay me for the traffic my posts generated and I used the money to bring SuperMoonHost back to life, despite having other financial challenge.

Before my content got lost, categories like education, earnings, and reviews has bring great traffic to my site, I only discovered that lately by checking my Google search console traffic of one year six months traffic ago.

Changes made

Before my contents got lost, I based on seo, blogspot tips, website tips. etc

So I just add some categories to my site and as you can see the categories below.

  • Grants & Loans
  • News
  • Jobs etc.

Great blogs has inspired SuperMoonHost, and with that any post i published get index by Google that same day, Like SuperMoonHost is a friend of Google.


More about me

I am peter teddy, I am good with the Internet since at the age of 13 and neighbors comes around for me to solve their phone software issue, some said I’m talented.

When turn 17, I started to think about having my own website, since then that gave birth to SuperMoonHost.

Thanks for reading, love you all.