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Benue’s Progress To Begin If Alia Emerges As Governor

In Benue, progress is to begin if the Rev. Father Alia emerges as governor. There has been great jubilation in the state for Alia’s coming as governor.

The PDP’s main problem is not how they will win the general election but rather how they will hinder Alia from contesting because they know Alia’s victory will be hundred percent.

Back to the days of Rev. Adasu, there was progress in the state before other politicians messed things up, like selling the Benue Cement Company, privatization of government properties, embezzling state funds, refusing to pay workers, putting project money in their pockets, and hijacking funds belonging to pensioners.

Even Governor Gabriel Suswam confessed during his tenor that he had fallen into the pot of Nigeria money. That confession was made when he was a governor.

During the time of Adasu, Governor Ortom was a local government chairman, and he was good at putting local government project money in his pocket. Ortom was good at making noises about completing local government projects and claiming to have built good roads in the local government back then.

When Father Adasu heard of these achievements, he said he would be coming to the local government, but Ortom replied that he should not come because there are some militants in the local government who are planning to attack the governor.

Adasu instructed Ortom to bring the bad guys to him, but Ortom failed to do so because he was lying to prevent Adasu from visiting the local government.

Rev Father Adasu now said, “since Ortom failed to provide the bad guys, he is coming”. On his way to Guma local government, he discovered no road was constructed, rather it was all a lie.

When Rev. Father Adasu arrived in Guma, he was furious at Ortom for stealing all the money and lying to the priest. Adasu uses his hand on Ortom, using his staff to beat him. Now in the present day, Alia’s coming as governor is like history wanting to repeat itself. First, Ortom wanted to use political means to deceive Alia.

After he first heard that Alia was coming for governor, he quickly sent an offer to him and pleaded with him to join PDP, but Alia refused and rejected his gifts.

The Reverend Father Hyacinth Iorhemen Alia’s coming for governor doesn’t matter what political party he comes with, either big or small, but he will still lead the polls, except the election was rigged.

During the time of Adasu, this is what he said about politics: “Politics is not a dirty game, but those who are in it for selfish purposes make it dirty.” I am in it to baptise politics and make it pure. ”

He had a great impact on the state with just two years in office.

  • Adasu founded Benue State University on December 27, 1991.
  • He reactivated the college of education in Oju and upgraded it.
  • He conceived the concept of the Tarka Foundation and named it after the senator’s name, Joseph Sarwuan Tarka, and it was launched on July 2, 1994. The building of the foundation occupies five hectares of land, which is located in Makurdi and includes an art gallery, conference rooms, recreational centers, and chalets.
  • And some other projects he started before his tenor was cut off by the military.
  • He started the creation of BENCO roof tile and the K/Ala fruit juice company, but he was not able to achieve a great deal during his short period in the office.

We are now in the present day, and we have Father Alia to be elected as governor, and he is the hope of Benue. Everyone believes that if Rev. Father Alia is elected as governor of Benue, the state’s progress will begin.

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