Blogger SEO: 10 Tips for Blogspot SEO

You are going to learn the top 10 best blogspot seo tips for bloggers. It is not a surprise to hear about seo for blogspot blogs. Blogger can perform well on Google if you know how to practice SEO with it.

That is why I am going to provide my readers with a list of the top ten best blogspot seo tips for bloggers.

Many beginners thought that when you create a blog with Blogger, you don’t need to do anything because it is owned by Google and it will just appear in search results. If you think so, then you need to learn more.

As a beginner, if you have such a mentality, you can be right and wrong in terms of SEO.

When you create a blog with Blogger, it will just appear on Google after a few days. But you still need to implement some SEO strategies on your site.

If you do not attempt to influence search engine optimization, your posts will not compete with the competition on the website.

Your post will be pushed backward compared to the thousands of sites on the Internet.

Most sites are being well optimized for search engines, carrying the same topics you are putting on your site.

That’s why you need to start practicing SEO on your website.

With this post titled “Top 10 Blogspot SEO Tips for Bloggers”, your site is going to stand out from the crowd.

You should know that Blogger is a baby to Google, so if you follow these steps correctly, you are going to be doing well on Google.

Here are the necessary SEO strategies you need to implement on your blogspot blog for you to rank well in search results.

1.Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the necessary things to do with your blog, whether blogspot or WordPress. Keywords are those phrases or words people enter into Google when they are looking for something, also called “search queries.”

Some of the benefits of keyword research include:

it makes Google or the search engine understand what the user needs.

If you do keyword research as mentioned above, it will help you know what your site visitors need.

You can also use these tools for better keyword planning. Google keyword planner, semrush.

2.Plan your post content well.

As you have chosen your keywords, it is time to plan your post content and it should relate to your post content.

Try to use synonyms because search engines like Google love synonyms.

Try to use the head tag in your post, which has the heading, e.g. h2, h3, tags, etc.

If you are writing and you want to make or add a list in your post, you can use the heading to make a list of explanations.

For example, you

make the list in subheading (h2 or h3), then you use normal text with the explanations.

3.Optimize your blog post title.

Add keywords to your post title but do it carefully because it should not look like spam.

Make your post title’s length around 60 characters. More characters than that will be ignored in search results, which means when your post appears on Google, its title will be cut off if it has more than the characters required.

Make sure your brand name is added and it should be at the end.

4. Put it into practice by organizing your post.

Just as there are tags and categories in WordPress, in Blogger we have labels.

Try to use labels with your posts to have good navigation and a user-friendly blog.

For instance, Google wants you to have a user-friendly blog to boast the traffic on your site. For instance, if you are writing about affiliate products, these are the types of labels you might need: phone or phone review, Laptop or laptop review

Or if your blog is about traveling, you can use travel as a label.

Avoid using too many labels; it will make your blog look like spam. Using too many labels may affect your blog’s SEO.

Even blogspot limits the number of labels you can have in your blog to 5000. And for you, 25-30 or less is OK.

5.Add meta description.

Most beginners will be confused about the meta description. A meta description is a snippet of your entire blog that is displayed in search results.

It will summarize your blog content and it will tell the user what your blog is all about. On blogspot, the length of the meta description is 150 characters.

To add a meta description to your blog, navigate to settings > search appearance > meta tags.


It is set to “disabled” by default. You now have to enable the search description, then you add your description and save it.

If you have enabled your search description on Blogger, then any time you want to post, you can edit each post’s meta description.

To do that, you need to edit a post and go to the search description on the left side of any post you edit.

You can still do that when writing a new post. Adding meta descriptions to each of your posts will reduce the bounce rate on your blog.

6.Optimizing your images

Optimization of images is being ignored by most webmasters.

By optimizing your images, your post will be ranked higher in search results, and it will also drive more traffic from image search. For a search bot to crawl and understand the content of your image, you need to optimize the image by adding alt text and titling.

It’s not difficult. All you need to do is select the image you want to upload, then at the bottom you will see this option named “properties.”

You can now select properties and a popup will appear in which you can add alt text and title.

7. Improve the post url

With WordPress, it is necessary to optimize your URL. On blogspot too, it’s a good thing to optimize your url.

When you write a post, head to settings and enter the permalink. When you enter the permalink, it is set to automatic by default.

Choose custom and set the permalink as you want, where you can put your target keywords.

In that part, you should be careful when adding your target keywords. If you use it too much, it might look like spam.

Note that when you publish a post already, you can not edit the URL.

8.Enable Blogger SSL.

This is one of the reasons I like Blogger, with the option to switch on https for free. With this, only secure blogs will rank.

Google itself has announced that it will push unsecured blogs down. If you are using a custom domain, try to enable https on your blog.

By default, when you are using the blogspot subdomain, it will turn on SSL automatically for you.

If you are using a blogspot subdomain and your SSL is not on, then you should follow this step to put it on.

Login to your blogger account and head to settings >> basic.
Scroll down and you will see https redirected. Turn it to “yes” to enable SSL on your website.

If you have already connected your blog with a custom domain, then you will see one more option,
“https availability,” which you have to turn on by choosing yes.

9.Customize your blogger template.

If you are using Blogger’s old theme like Simple, then you need to setup something right.

The old blogger theme requires you to manually set the post title that appears in search results.

When you create a post, your titles will not appear in search results except your website name, which is not good for SEO and will make people bypass your article.

Follow this guide to make your post titles appear on Google or search results. How to Show a Blogger Post Title on Google.

10. Manage spam comments.

You should try to prevent spam comments on your blog because they are caused by bad bots.

If some comments on your blog post are meant for the purpose of sharing links, then you should try to delete them rather than publish them.

If a comment is unrelated to your published post, try deleting it or restricting post comments to only Google accounts.

To do that, you should head to settings. Under it you will see ‘post, comments, and sharing’.

Enter it and you will see the comment options where you can choose only for Google users. This is good practice if your blog is receiving spam comments.

Show word verification

It will require people who are dropping comments on your post to complete a word verification step.

Word verification will help to reduce spam comments on your blog. Blog authors will not see word verification for comments.

To enable word verification, go to settings > post, comments, and sharing.

Scroll down at the end. You will see words of verification. Choose “yes” and save your settings.

More SEO Tips for Bloggers

When you are writing your article on Blogger, make sure you are using rel=nofollow for the external links you put in your post.

Having too many external links without rel=nofollow will affect your site’s SEO.

Are you using a CDN?

If you do, it’s good practice, but if you are not using it, you should look for one.

Cdn will increase your site’s SEO by bringing it world wide and nearest to each country’s location.

If you are a beginner, you must be confused about CDN.

A CDN is a content delivery network that connects your website to other countries via your server location.

If your website is hosted in India, it will be faster for Indian visitors compared to American visitors.

This means that if your website server is in the United Kingdom, it will be faster and more accessible to UK visitors.

You can check out a CDN to use for your website, or you can use Cloudflare, one of the best free CDNs.

To use the CDN, you must have your own custom domain.

If you are using a blogger subdomain, it’s OK because everything is being controlled by Google.

If you are using a custom domain, it is necessary for you to use a CDN on your website.

There was a time when all blogger websites with custom domains went offline, except if using a CDN or blogger sub domain, which remained online.

That’s why I said if you’re using a blogger sub domain, you don’t have to worry about the restriction of CDN to sub domains.

Have you put your sitemap on the Google search console? If you have done that, it’s a good idea, but if you have not, then you are missing out.

Hurry and do so, most beginners, when they start, think adding a sitemap to the Google console is all that they need for their site’s seo.

If you think like that or you only have that limited knowledge, then your site won’t stand among the thousands of sites that are similar to your niche and well optimized with seo.

That’s why as you search for blogger seo, you see this post has a list of seo tips for you to follow.

For the time being, it is up to you to put your blogspot seo tips into action in order to have the biggest impact on search engines.

Reading and following these seo tips for your blogger blog will help you to set things right. If you are confused by any of the tips here, then I’m waiting for your comment.

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