Disadvantages of Using Free Web Hosting

You are going to learn about the top disadvantages of using a free Web hosting through this tutorial.

I have used free Web hosting before and things never end well.
Disadvantages of Using Free Web Hosting
If you type free Web hosting in the Google search you will see a lot of them.
If you want to start a professional website, then you should avoid free Web hosting.
May be you want to put your efforts to bring out something good (money) for you, then don’t go with free Web hosting, or else you want to put your hard work in vain.
Disadvantages of Using a Free Web Hosting
These are the problems you will face when using a free Web hosting.

1. Deleting of your website at any time

In some free Web hosting they use to claim that when you break their terms, then they will either suspend you or delete your website.
You see, that is the number one lie they lie to you.
Most of this free Web hosting claims to give you unlimited space for site  visitors,  while others claim to give you space for five thousand visitors a month, which if you exceede they will delete your website.
As I said earlier about how they can lie, for saying they will give you free unlimited bandwidth. When you start receiving like 50 visitors a day, that were the problem is going to come.
They will send you messages and said that you have broken their terms so you can no longer access your website or you should upgrade or in short time your website will be deleted for ever.
They won’t tell you “ever” but when you didn’t send them the money quick then your website is bye bye.
By that time even the giant Google or the Web hosting company will not be able to retrieve your website.

2.Fake Claim

Most of this free Web host claim they will not put ads on your website, and this is were your website have a higher chance to be deleted if you start having small audience from search engine and you did not upgrade.
They are not putting ads in your website for them to earn money, it trigger them to be strict and hard with you.
Most of this free Web host is not when you start getting small traffic before they will delete your website, is when you stop using their sub domain and you are using your new custom.
Domain you bought from third-party, the free hosting will give you some time but they will not inform you and if you did not upgrade they will kick out your website.

3.Ads in your website

Most of these free web host will not allow you to put your own ads.
they will put their own ads at website any how and any where.  You as the owner if you see your website at that time you will hate it because those ads are not by your own will.

4.you can’t earn well

These days webmasters are enjoying six figure from Google Adsense and a good paying from media.net ads.
While in free Web hosting they don’t allow you to put your own ads, or if it is those Web host that accepts your own ads, they will any time soon delete your website before you write some reasonable posts to bring traffic to your website.
They will do such thing because you did not upgrade fast.

5.poor soe

Seo means search engine optimization
Search engine optimization is the process of making your website to stand out among million website, that is to rank in google search.
Most of this free Web host suffer plugin capabilities, poor maintenance and lack of security.
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Best websites we have in the Internet, if they were hosted on free hosting, they would have not been up till now.
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