How to Add Meta Tags to Blogger

You are going to learn how to add meta tags description to blogger, in posts, pages and homepage. Adding meta tags description do have its own benefit in seo.

How to Add Meta Tags to Blogger

What are meta tags

Meta tags are the snippets that shows the description of your post when search on Google.


this snippets are the little writing, people do read below your post title on search results before the they entered your site.

Does Meta tags boasts seo

Google it’s self has announced that meta tags do not boasts seo, but seo experts do recommend using meta tags.

Seo experts do claims that meta tags do increase seo, despite what Google said as mentioned above in this article.

Let’s me prove those seo expert right or wrong.

There is what we have bounce rate and it affects your seo.

What causes bounce rate are: poor meta tags description, post contents doesn’t relate with the post title.

As you see, having a good meta tags description will reduce your bounce rate and boast your seo.

Then seo experts are not wrong, so I prove them right.

How to Show Meta Tags to Blogger In posts and pages, including Homepage

Now login to your blogger and go to settings, while under settings, scroll down gently where you will see

Meta tags
Enable search description
Now check the box to enable the search the search description on your site.
Doing so, the search description function will be enabled on your site, which allowing you to add meta tags on your posts and homepage.
After you have checked the search description meta tags box, below it you can enter the search description of your site not more than 150 characters.

How to enable search description on blogger posts.

Now that you have checked the search description meta tags, it will also be enabled to posts and pages.

Now head to your post section.


You can be able to add meta tags description both on old and new posts.

Which means you can add the meta tags description while creating a new post or editing the old ones.

Adding meta tags to blogger posts and pages.

The process on adding meta tags on blogger pages, are the same with posts.

So we going to be using post as sample, if you know how to add meta tags on posts, you will also know how to add it on pages.

Now head to your posts section, where your posts are listed.

You can either go to create new post or edit the old ones.

Doing any of that, you will be at your post editor.

Being at your post edit screen, tap the settings icon, after tapping on it, some other option will appear.

Where you will see permalink, location and search description.

Enter the search description, which you can write a text of up to 150 characters.

With the search description, you can add a meta tags description of all your individual posts.

You can also do the same on all pages and post, which it can reduce your bounce rate.

Why Google are not showing my meta tags?

Most beginners has complain that Google are not showing meta tags.

Once you have followed the steps on this article, it may takes time for Google to crawl your posts.

Most times Google shows what they want, because they want to make everything related to the search questions.

But if you follow this meta tags description article plus this 10 Blogspot (Blogger) Seo Tips For Bloggers.

Then there is nothing for you to worry about, just add your meta description and write your articles as usual, that is all.

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