How to Apply For CBN Agric/Farmers Loan 2021

You will get a quick guide on how to apply for CBN Agric/Farmers loan. The government has introduced this grant for its citizens.

How to Apply For CBN Agric/Farmers Loan

The good news about this loan is that not only farmers can benefit from the loan but other fields like:

Creative and Art Industries

  • Fashion Beauty
  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Apparel and Textile

Manufacturing and Industrial

  • Automobile
  • Agric Processing with Agriculture

Information and Communication Technology

  • Media and Publishing
  • Telecommunication

Hospitality Services

  • Catering and Event Management

People who applied earlier has already started receiving the loan and the Nigerian government are still currently paying people who are still applying.

So you will get a quick guide on how to apply, it’s very simple if you follow the steps and it will take you less than ten minutes so don’t rush.

This loan is called AGSMEIS

Agri-Business for Small Medium Enterprise Investment Scheme:

This grant is to help the federal government promote agricultural business and also small medium enterprise (SMEs) for economic development and to generate more employment for their citizens.

How AGSMEIS Loan works

After successfully registering to the AGSMEIS loan portal using the address provided below in this article, you will get trained, but first you will need to fill the training form when you login to the portal.

AGSMEIS Form Overview 

You will need to give correct information to help in processing your loan application.

The form registration is divided into the following process


  • This is the section that focuses most about your own information.

2.Education and Computer Knowledge

  • Here in the part of the form do covers about your use of technology and level of education.

3.Working Experience

  • Here is about your experience running in businesses and present with past employment status.

4.Financial Inclusion

  • Here is about the use of banking channels, type of bank account you owned and previous loan status if you own any loan.

5.Enterprise Experience

  • In this section is about your previous experience in running a business enterprises

What device do I need for applying?

Most people do think it’s must be a laptop or computer, but no. You can also use any smartphone for applying.

Does it need a collateral?

No, this loan is from federal government and it’s requires no collateral.

What is the Interest rates for the loan?

The interest rate for this loan is nine percent (9%) per annum.

How long to receive fund?

This loan is made to be access easily and it’s process is automated. Application submitting to fund disbursement do takes six to eight weeks.

Has government started paying the fund?

Yes, and has paid over N25B as of February 2021 and the loan is still currently ongoing.

AGSMEIS Loan Application Portal

Here, you will get the address that will take you to apply for the AGSMEIS loan from the federal government of Nigeria.

nirsalmfb caderp application portal

To apply for the AGSMEIS federal government loan, you will use the Nirsalmfb Carderp Portal.

Not so long, people have massively benefited from nirsal covid19 nmfb home loans from federal government. Now is agric loan or farmer loan and other types of businesses.

The below address will help you to register for the agric/farmers loan and for other selected businesses mentioned above.

After you have successfully registered, you will need to login to the portal and fill the training form then you tap the submit button and you will get a message that you have successfully registered and they will get back to you in a short time, but for some states in Nigeria and depend on the type of training center you choose, you might receive a contact address for you to contact them rather than them to get back to you.

AGSMEIS Loan And How To Apply.


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