How to Create a Free Blog Using Blogspot

You are going to learn how to create a free blog using blogspot, in this article. To create a blog is a good idea because you can share what you like.

Not only that, you can also earn with your blog if you know how to make money with a website.

Normally it is good for you to create a blog using your own domain name and Web hosting.

how to create a free blog on blogspot

Using a self-hosted WordPress, you can also check How to Create a Website using wordpress.

There are many platform that do offer the free blogging service.

If you are looking for the best and reasonable way to start any free blog, I do suggest you start with blogspot.

Because they have a better blogging platform and they are more legit.

How to create a free blogspot blog

However, there are many newbies who just want to start a blog and not to put efforts to make money after creating their blog, then this may seems different.

With blogspot, you are allowed to create a free blog, but free things do have its own limitations.

However, as I already told you before, for beginners is a good way to learn how to create a blog and start your blogging process.

Before we start, please take note.

This post is meant for beginners who are new into the blogging and like to get started learning the basic process being involved.

The blogspot platform is powered by Google, which do offer you the opportunity to start a blog.

If your desires to make an investment with your blog, then it is recommended you use the self-hosted wordpress platform.

I have already provided the link to create a website using wordpress in this article above.

How to create a free blog on blogspot

To start creating a free blogspot blog, you can head over to and login using any Google account.

if you don’t have any Google account, you can still create one for free.

As being a beginner and it’s the first time, you will see the option for identity from Google plus profile.

It is a best practice to use your Google plus profile.

After you have successfully logged in, you can tap the create new blog link, for you to be directed to start creating your blogspot blog.

The option will appear for you to name your blog.

This is the first option you will need to fill, by adding your domain name and select your domain.

Avoid using numbers or part of speech on your domain name.

Try to use a name you can easily remember and you can brand later with a custom domain.

Yes, it is possible for you to later brand it to a custom domain name.

There are bloggers who started their blog with a sub domain, and later brand it to a custom domain.

After you have successfully selected your domain name, you will see the option to select a blog template.

You can still change the blog template any time you want.

Now tap the “CreateBlog” button for your blog to be created.

Creating a free blog with blogspot

You have successfully created your blog but there some basic things you need to setup.

As you have created your blog, you will be in your blogspot dashboard, where you can write posts and perform some settings on your blog.

You can move to settings and add meta tags on your blog, you should also check this required post How to Add Meta Tags to Blogger.

Meta tags is part of blogspot seo. Blogspot blogs can do very great in the Google search results if you follow blogspot seo tips well.

I have already made a post about blogspot seo. If you want to learn more about it seo, you can check the required post below.

Blogspot Seo tips for bloggers.

Supermoonhost was first hosted with blogspot, before finally moved to hosted wordpress platform.

So, for every new blogger it will be possible for them to start a free blog on blogspot before finally moving to wordpress, if they later wishes to change to a professional website.

Note: is also, so you will be redirect to while creating your blogspot blog.

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