How to Create a Website with Namecheap Hosting

You are going to learn how to create a website using namecheap Web hosting. Namecheap is among the best Web hosting with low cost.

Most webmasters and bloggers when they want to start to create their website, they may not even be able to afford paying for a domain talk less of a whole Web hosting.

How to Create a Website with Namecheap

But let’s be great because there comes namecheap which even a student can be able to pay for Web host and domain.

Even this website that you are reading it’s articles is being hosted by namecheap Web hosting.

Supermoonhost was created when namecheap was doing promo, so instead of me paying 33 dollars, I paid less than that.

So, writing this article, I will direct you to their promo page where you will pay less.

Namecheap is an international Web hosting that is based in usa. You will have more great benefit creating your website with international Web hosting compared to that of local Web hosting.

Like if you based in India or Nigeria, and you create your website with international Web hosting rather than that web hosting based in Nigeria, your website will rank higher compared to the other websites that uses local host.

For example, there are a lot of Web hosting in Africa, but there is always a down time. Sometimes your website may go off and it may not rank globally.

What are the list of international best Web host?.

Bluehost and Namecheap.

Bluehost is also a very good Web hosting in terms of services.

Then followed by namecheap which is the cheapest international and best Web hosting. That’s why Supermoonhost is being hosted by namecheap.

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Let’s start creating our website using namecheap.

Now enter namecheap using the namecheap text link provided in this article to their promo page.

And you will see the get started button.


You should choose the stellar plan because you are a beginner, and with the stellar plan you can create up to 3 websites.

When you start making money with your website, then you can later upgrade to any plan you like.

After you have chosen the plan by tapping get started button, then you will be taken to the next page where you will enter or choose your domain name.

As a beginner if you don’t know what is a domain name?. Domain are your website address just as this website which you are reading it’s article, it’s domain name is

This is among the first step you will need when creating your website, it’s is the domain name or you can still called it website address.

After you have entered the next page, scroll down below near the add to cart where you will enter your domain.

Search domain

You will see the search box where they write above it, find a domain, and in the search box, search for domain. Then you should enter the search box.

After you have entered it you should type the domain name you want, and if the domains you wanted are already taken, you can use your name or another name.

Most people will like to use .Com domain extention for their address, but you will be charged extra for that .Com extention.

If you don’t want to be charged extra for domain extention, there are other free domain extention whish you can use.

Examples are .host, .fun, .online. if you are interested in some of the free extention you can use this image below to select the one you like.

List-of-free-domain extention

If you don’t like any of these free domains, you can continue with .com, but I will advise you to choose between .tech, .online, .host, or .fun.

All this domain extention are great so if you choose them you will be creating your website with just few bucks.

We will be using .host as sample to create our website, but you can still choose any domain extention that you want.

Now type your domain name in the search box example or


you can use your own name or any name you want that has not been taken by another person.

After then, you click the connect button below. If you write your domain and connect button doesn’t show up, then use your hand to tap the search box, then it will show up.

After you have tap connect, then click add to cart and you will be taken to the next page where you will confirm your order, here you will need to click the confirm order button. You’ll be taken to the next page, then you will need to scroll down.

After you have confirmed your order, you will need to create an account and fill your billing address in the next page.

Create account

You will put your username and your password and make sure you read the password instructions. I have already put a sample of the kind of password there for you.

  • At least one capital letter
  • A number
  • Password must have eight characters
  • At least one lower case letter
  • And any special symbol.

You can use something like these Namecheap1@ Or Johnmary1@ as your password.

Then, you fill the remaining fields with your name and email and you click create account and continue.


Make sure you tick the check box as shown in the image above.

After you have click continue, you will be taken to fill your billing address.

Things you need to know as a beginner before filling your billing address.

  • Zip code
  • Country phone number

You will need to put your zip code for example for India is 101101, while for Nigeria is 970101.

You can ask Google for your country zip code or state zip code.

While the country phone number for us is +1 and that of Nigeria is +234 so if you don’t know your country phone code, you can ask Google.

Then you fill the remaining informations

Make sure you you untick the register for company check box


Because you are registering for yourself not for any company.

While the fax number section you will still need to choose your phone country code, and also put your number.


If it’s seems that your cart is now empty and your total charge is zero, don’t worry, because you have already created your account in the section where you click create account and continue.

So, if your cart shows empty, all you need to do is just to login.

Or if you are logged in automatically, you can come back to this page and tap “namecheap” and will be taken to select your plan and domain.

Since you are logged in, you will only provide your payment method


You can also order your Web hosting using PayPal or a card.

After then you will click continue to finish your payments.

Your Web hosting will be available in the next 24 to 48 hours.

My own website Supermoonhost took 24 hours to be activated.

After then, they will send you your control panel login details to your email.

This is where you are going to install your website in your control panel.

After you have successfully login to your control panel, you will see “Softaculous Apps Installer” enter it and scroll down, you will see WordPress, then tap on it and install button will appear.

In those fileds you are going to put your domain name, the one you registered earlier with your Web hosting.

You will also put your email and password, after filling, you can now tap install.

It will take less than a minute for it to install finish.

Now, the WordPress you install is the dashboard of your website, after installation is completed, it will provide you login details.

After you have login to your WordPress, you will see post, and page.

With this function, you can post anything to the world.

At the top bar you can click option and a lot of them will come out, so you need to go to the plugin section.

WordPress plugin is the main power of this platform.

After you have reached the plugin section, you can search anything you want.

Like if you want to create a music site, forums, social media platform, membership and reward site, affiliate marketing site.

Just type the name and a lot of plugin will show up for you to choose what you like.


Creating a website is one of the most profitable way online, you are not an exception to start making thousands of dollars from your website.

I showed my sister and my friends how profitable a website site can be, my sister and most of my friends were instrested so they create their website using namecheap because it’s have a lower cost and good service.

My sister create her site just to write tutorials like mine, while some of my friends created forums and downloading site.

Now I tell you, my sister and most of my friends site are doing better than mine.

Some of them were cashing out up to $500 to $4500 per month, and I even fill jealous because mine is just managing $100, but though it’s a new site created in 2020.

Though big website are earning 6 figures, while small or new sites are just earnings few hundred dollars.

You can still earn more than that in future.

If you are interested in creating your own website is more better than for you to follow those scam get rich overnight sites claiming you can earn money from their site.

If you create your own website, then you are the boss, which you can live anywhere in the world and still be generating money from your site.

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You are going to get the guide that will help you generate money from your website.