How to Download Music from YouTube

You are going to learn how to download music from YouTube with this guide. Downloading music from YouTube may not be safe from some website which might contains malware to infect your computer.


how to download music from youtube

If you want to download music from YouTube, you should make sure that the websites or apps you use will not hurt your device.

With this tutorial on how to download music from YouTube, you are going to get safe and easy process on downloading music from YouTube.

You should know that some YouTube downloading site might contains malware or cryptominig.

Supermoonhost will recommend a safe service that doesn’t involve in such activities.

If you notice your device is getting hotter when you visit such website, you should not stay long.

And if you choose to download software for ripping audio, you should make sure you have antivirus service, to scan the software for threats.

How to download music from YouTube

Method 1

Using your Computer with 4k YouTube to mp3

You may not want to download other apps, while using an installed app tends to be more reliable and safer ripping audio from YouTube.

Most YouTube ripping sites which seems safe, may still fall victim to malware hackers.

It is always best to use a software on your computer for your audio ripping, which means you need to scan your software app with antivirus before installing.

If you want to download a new app for ripping YouTube videos, need not to cause you any struggles.

4k Downloader is being made to download mp3 from YouTube free, the installation is free and it is better than other online YouTube ripping services.

It’s also available for multiple operating system, 4k YouTube to mp3 is free to download and use.

You can later upgrade to their premium version, which includes unlimited playlists download, and no ads.

But the free version is going to be enough for you.

How to download music from YouTube

Go to 4k YouTube to mp3 Downloader and tap on the blue ” get 4k YouTube to mp3″ button on the left corner of your screen.

The website will automatically detect the version that is compatible with your system and download it.

If in case it doesn’t, you can still find the version you need by tapping another version, which link underneath the blue button.

Doing so, you can now follow the on screen prompt to install 4k YouTube to mp3.

Go to YouTube and navigate to the video you want to rip, doing so, which you need to tap the video as if you want to play it, then copy the url address.

Now go to the 4k YouTube to mp3 and tap on the green paste link button, which is in the upper left corner of the screen.

Doing so, the app will immediately start to rip the the audio from the url.

the best thing about this 4k YouTube to mp3 is that you don’t have to do any much work.

It will takes just few minutes to process a YouTube video.

Once your mp3 has been created, it will automatically save it to the computer.

If you want to play the music, you can quickly access it through the name of the track.

the name of the track is being displayed in the middle of the app, where the folder button appears.

You need to press on the button, and will be directed to file explore that displays your mp3.

How to download music from YouTube

Method 2

Online YouTube to mp3 for android, computer and tablet

If you don’t want to download an app for audio ripping, still you can use online services.

Go to

This website allows you to download music from YouTube, but online ripping sites are not recommended.

Make sure you use antivirus to scan the files you download from such website. is currently safe to download music from YouTube and has not been affected with malware.

When downloading files from pop up ads will show to take you to another page.

So, if you are using to download music from YouTube, then you should exercise caution.

How to download music from YouTube

Method 3

Using YouTube music premium

When using youtube premium music, you need to subscribe to it, and if you are a paid to youtube music, you can be able to download music for offline use, using the mobile app on android, iPad or iPhone.

If you don’t have the YouTube mobile app?, then go to Google play store and search YouTube Music and install the app.

The app is being developed by Google, which means below the name of the app it carries Google LLC, so you should install the correct app.

After successfully installing the app, open the YouTube music app on your mobile device .

It has rectangular red icon with a play icon inside.

Go to the song you want to download, and if you prefer to download a playlist, press the library tab at the bottom right side of the app, and select the playlists you want to download.

How to download music from YouTube

Press the download arrow for song or the menu for playlist. When you select the arrow, the song will be downloaded to your phone for offline listening.

If you want to download a playlist, then continue to the next step.

Tap download for a playlist, and the contents of the playlist will be available for offline listening.

You see how simple to download music from YouTube to your computer, android and tablet.

If you don’t want to pay for a subscription using YouTube music premium, then you can use the first two methods.

In your computer, if you want to download music from YouTube, you can use the 4k video to music Downloader.

Using your android and other device, you can use the to download music from YouTube.

You can check How to Download YouTube Videos

You can still use your desktop with YouTube to mp3, but the 4k youtube to mp3 is always recommended.

To download music from YouTube, you can use the online or app which is 4k YouTube to mp3 which is the preferred way.

Or you can use the other alternative, the YouTube premium music, which is the third method.