How to earn on Inksnation

You are going to learn how to earn on inksnation. This program has claimed that it can eradicate poverty in a country in less than mine months.

The inksnation has it’s focus goal by implementing it’s own blockchain, called inksLedger and (formerly iBLedger).

how to earn on inksnation

InksLedger is the blockchain of inksnation’s pinkoin. So, now let’s take a quick look on how to earn on inksnation.

How To Earn From Inksnation

For a quick way to earn money from inksnation is by bringing in new members to join the program.

For example

You as a girl, you have a friend he is called Mike, which is Brother Ink (that is a member of Inksnation) and he introduced you to the inksnation network, and he was able to convince you to register to the platform.

Now you will register for the platform and make the payment to Mike’s account. You will now make Mike understand or provide him with proof that you have paid, and you will send him your username.

Doing so, Mike will now activate your account using his own pinkard and that will make you to be full sister Ink.

For you to make money, you will go ahead and setup your already created account.

Now you will print and activate your own pinkard. After the activation, you will receive the amount of 70,000NGN in your pinkard.

You will now use the money to register new members. Here’s how it works.

Earning from Inksnation as an Affiliate

The new members which you are registering, will pay cash directly to your account.

you will now activate the person to be a registered member of inksnation and the amount will be deducted from your pinkard which is the 70,000NGN they sent you to your wallet.

After you have exhausted your 70,000NGN in your pinkard, you will keep 50,000NGN for yourself.

And you will need to return 20,000NGN to the inksnation platform for your card to be loaded with another 70,000NGN.

Now all registered members can get their own cards and start to register new members.

And that is how the inksnation cycle will continue.

Things For You To Take Note:

  • By activating your pinkard, which means you are signing a contract to the marketing in inksnation program.
  • Your card will be loaded with 70,000NGN and you must return 20,000NGN to the platform.
  • Don’t activate your pinkard if you know that you will not be able to get new members to the platform.
  • If you are unable to refer people, then there’s no need to activate your pinkard, you can give it to the person that referred you. By doing so, you are helping the development of inksnation.

Different ways to Earn on Inksnation

There are three types of users in inksnation. Here are details on how they will earn, provided below.

1. End – users

In this section of users, they are the people that just registered to inksnation’s platform and did not activate their pinkard to be bringing new members to the platform.

This end users will be paid by exchangers who will be charging commission for services.

2. Exchangers.

They are the ones that will activate their pinkard and use it to bring new members to the platform.

Their own role is to keep doing what they supposed to do by registering new members to the inksnation platform.

3. Merchants

This set of users will be indicating the interest of accepting pinkoin for a payment in stores and business.

The merchants will not register new members to the platform. As for now there’s no much information about this type of users.


Inksnation is a trending oline earning platform which originated from Nigeria.

Most people have been confused how the earning works. As you have readed this article, you now understand how the inksnation earnings do works.


What is Pinkoin?

Pinkoin is the brainchild of the inksnation and it’s the native coin of inksLedger.

What is The Easiest Way To Earn From Inksnation?

The easiest way to earn from inksnation is through the End-user.

What Is The Quickest Way To Earn From Inksnation?

The quickest way to earn from inksnation is to become an exchanger, which you will be registering new members.

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