How to Setup Google AMP on WordPress

You are going to learn how to setup Google AMP in WordPress. The Accelerated mobile page or AMP is made to make your website load faster.

How to Setup Google AMP

What is Google AMP?

AMP means Accelerated Mobile Pages and it a project owned by Google.

The main Purpose of this project is to make your content load faster.


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Google Accelerated Mobile Pages which is AMP use minimal HTML and limited Javascript to make your contents being able to be hosted on the Google AMP cache.

Setting up Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP in WordPress

To setup AMP in WordPress, there are plugins which can help you do it, and we are going to to use the official Google AMP Plugin in WordPress which is free.

You will need to install and activate the AMP Plugin, after activating the plugin, you will see the AMP notification to setup wizard, enter it to setup the wizard.

But if you can’t find the setup wizard, head to top bar menu options and you will see AMP.

After entering the AMP, tap on it and you will see the settings option, then enter it.

After entering, you see this message

“Configure AMP

The AMP configuration wizard helps you choose the best configuration settings for your site.”

Now tap on the wizard button to setup AMP in your WordPress site.

Doing so, you will see a welcome message

Welcome to the Official AMP Plugin for WordPress

Now tap “Next” button that is appearing in the screen below.

You will now see some options that is asking you if you are technical or non technical.

Choose the non technical check box and tap Next, but if you think you are technical or a developer that can handle AMP errors by yourself, then you can choose the technical option.

After tapping Next, you will be taken to choose the AMP template modes.

Choosing Google AMP Template Modes

In Google AMP WordPress plugin, it has three modes, which are standard, transitional and readers mode.

Standard mode

In standard mode all parts of your site will be AMP, (except you choose some parts of your site not to use AMP) and your site will use a single theme.

The standard mode can be a nice choice if your theme and all your plugins are AMP compatible.

Reader mode will be better if you are not sure of your plugins and theme to be AMP compatible.

Transitional mode

Using Transitional mode, your site will have AMP and non-AMP version and both of them will use the same theme.

Transitional mode can only be good if are able to solve any issues of AMP compatible errors in your site.

Reader mode

Using Reader mode, your site will have AMP and non AMP version, and each version will have it’s own theme.

If you don’t have technical knowledge or most of your plugins and theme are not AMP compatible, then the reader mode is the best choice for you.

Now that you have made your choice of which mode to use, let’s move forward to setup AMP in your WordPress website.

If you choose Reader mode, you will be taken to a section to choose your AMP theme, after then you tap next to review and save your changes.

That’s all for readers mode, but if you choose transitional or standard mode, you will not need to select a theme, because your current active site theme will be used.

After choosing transitional or standard mode, tap “Next” and press “finish” to save your changes.

You have successfully setup AMP in your WordPress site.