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How to Share & Transfer Data (MB) From Airtel to Airtel

If you are looking for how to transfer data on Airtel, you have come to the right place because you will learn a very quick and simple way to transfer Mb on the Airtel network.

The Airtel network has made it possible to share your data with friends and family or anyone you wish by transferring your MB.

With the Airtel data transfer code, you will be able to instantly share your megabytes with others.

You will learn various ways of transferring data on Airtel, but before we continue, let me show you this Airtel data transfer code.

You can instantly transfer 60mb, 25mb, and 10mb using the below Airtel data transfer code.

Dial *141*712*11*recipient’s number # for 10MB

Dial *141*712*9 (recipient’s number #) for 25MB.

While for 60mb, dial *141*712*4*recipient’s number #. Though that is not the best option for how to transfer data from Airtel to Airtel, you can follow the below steps for a better option.

Using Airtel’s gift data

You can share your MB with friends and family or gift data to them using Airtel gift data.

With your data plans with friends and family, there are two ways you can do it.

You may not understand what those words mean, but using your Airtel sim card, you can purchase data for a friend or family member. With Airtel gift data, you can buy any type of data plan for another Airtel line.

If you have no data plan on your Airtel Sim and you want to give someone MB, instead of you buying and transferring MB, you can directly buy it for the person. So let me show you how to do it before we dive into how to share data on Airtel.

How to gift data using Airtel

Dial *141# with your Airtel sim card, then choose option 6, data gifting and sharing. You can select what duration of data you want to gift to the person (monthly, weekly, or daily).

Now enter the recipient’s number, and after sending, you will be asked to enter your pin code. Then send it.

The default pin is 1234, but you are advised to change your default pin to your own personal pin which you will not forget.

If you don’t know how to change your pin, then don’t worry because you will learn how to do it in this article with the below steps. How to share data from Airtel to Airtel.

What is the procedure for resetting the Airtel data transfer pin?

To reset your data transfer pin, you can follow the below steps.

  • Dial *141 #
  • Select option 6, which is gifting and sharing.
  • And select 1 to change your pin.
  • After that, follow the required instructions.

It’s very easy to change your Airtel data transfer pin and you can still follow the steps if you want to change your data transfer pin at any time.

How to share data from Airtel to Airtel

To share MB from Airtel to Airtel, you will first need to text SHARE to 121. After doing so, you will receive an SMS from the Airtel network on how to add your friends and family to your own Airtel family list. With this, you will be able to share your data with them.

For you to add members to the list, you will need to text “ADD Recipient’s number.”

Here’s how you will do it if the number is 08120000000.

  • Add 08120000000 and send it to 121.

You will then receive an SMS for you to confirm, and you should reply with “1” to confirm. By doing so, the person will have access to any of the data plans that are activated on your sim, which they will be sharing with you using their own device.

If you have added a person to your Airtel data sharing family list or you mistakenly added someone and you want to remove the number from the list, which will stop the person from using your data, then it’s very easy to do.

You will just need to go to your message and write this type of text.

For example, if you want to stop this number 08120000000 from using your data, then use the sms format below.

Text ‘Del 08120000000’ to 121. Make sure you remove the bracket. The person will not be allowed to use your data again because you have just removed the person’s number from your data family list.

To add any number to your Airtel data family, you can follow the above procedures.

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