How to Show Blogger Post Title on Google

How To Show Post Title On Blogger

You are new to blogger and when you search your posts on google it will not carry a title of your post rather your home site name or any name it wishes, then this post how to show blogger post title on Google is for you.

how to show blogger post title on Google

Most beginners try to use blogger blogspot to start their blog and when they start, they learned that blogger lack some functions.

Blogger lacking some functions which may need you to edit your template and put some codes in side to increased the functions of the blog, unlike hosted WordPress which has a lot of plugin for you to just install and increase the function of your blog.

how to show blogger post title on Google

People who are experts with coding will find it easy for them to use code with their site but if you are beginner you find it difficult.

But don’t worry because with this post on how to show blogger post title on Google, you are going to set it in a couple of minutes.

Code you are going to put on your site will be easy for you with this guide.

Login to your blogger

Login to blogger

If you have a lot of blog with your email you should choose the one you want to show the post title.

Showing post title on blogger, if you do so or you follow this steps you will also increase your site traffic because your main post title will start to show on google search results.

After you have login and choose the blog you want at the top, under blogger.

Go to theme at the left side of your blogger dashboard

Go to theme

it will load and choose the ‘html’ option

Blogger html

Wait for some time and It will load and your theme will open

Now you have to find this


It start with  this < and end with this >

If you don’t know how to find it then follow these steps

To make the search easy, simultaneously press the ctrl + f to bring out a search box below your browser 

or go to the top of your browser and choose option, you will see ‘find’ enter the code after you have found it replaced it with this

<b:if cond= 'data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;'>

Now save your theme.

Save your template as shown in the image above

Don’t forget to back up your theme before you put any code inside.

How To Show Post Excerpt on Blogger Homepage

Most of the customizing you perform on blogger you will need to edit your template and put some codes inside.

How to show blogger post title on Google

If any thing will make you to edit your template it is recommended that you first backup your template before putting any code inside.

Sometimes when putting code in your templates things might get wrong and if you already backup your template, then there is no need to worry.

Now after following this steps your post tittle will start appearing on Google and it will start to perform well.

If you have any question you can ask through comment.

Now your posts will do well in search engine.

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How to show blogger post title on Google is a simple tutorial and if you follow it well your traffic will start increasing because is a part of seo on blogger.