How to Transfer Airtime on MTN

Searching on how to transfer airtime on MTN and you are here, then you are in the right place because you will get a quick and simple steps to share airtime on MTN.

You have MTN Sim with money inside and you want to share your MTN airtime with someone else, it’s very easy.

How to Transfer Airtime on MTN

The MTN network has millions of registered users in Nigeria and among the largest in Africa.

Thinking how to transfer airtime from MTN shouldn’t be your problem anymore.

MTN Transfer Code

Before you will be able to transfer airtime with your MTN sim, you will need to change the default transfer pin digits.

How to Transfer Data on MTN : MTN Transfer Code.

The default MTN transfer pin is 0000, and you will first be assigned the default pin.

For security reason you will need to change it before you can make transfer.

How to transfer Airtime from MTN to MTN

Here are steps you are going to use to transfer Airtime on MTN.

You can use text message or code also known as MTN transfer code to share airtime on mtn.

Using text message to transfer airtime from MTN to MTN

Now head to your text message to make a transfer with your MTN line.

Don’t forget to change your transfer pin before you start, so let’s change it.

Use this text format to make a change with the default transfer pin which is 0000.

  • [Default pin] [New Pin] [New Pin]

And send it to 777 For your pin to be changed.

How to Transfer Airtime on Airtel Network.

Hope you understand the text format, you will need to first put the MTN default pin which is 0000, and your new pin twice and send it to 777.

Here’s the sample below

  • 0000 2060 2060 send to 777

Remember that MTN transfer default pin is 0000 and your new pin is 2060, note you can change it to any digits you like.

While changing the default pin, make sure you write your new pin twice as the sample above.

After sending it to 777, you will received a message notifying that you have changed your default pin.

If the message process about changing your MTN transfer pin is lengthy, then you can use code to instantly change your MTN default transfer pin.

  • Dial *600*Default Pin*New Pin*New Pin#

Here is the sample using code to change your pin

If your new pin is 2060, then dial the below code or with the new pin you want to change.

  • Dial *600*0000*2060*2060# and send using your phone.

After you have successfully changed your default pin to new one, you can use it to transfer airtime from MTN to MTN.

How to transfer airtime on MTN

Now let’s make a transfer after changing to new pin, you can use text message to transfer airtime on MTN or you can use MTN transfer code.

Using text message

Now go to your text message and use the below format

  • Transfer [Recipient’s number] [Airtime amount] [Transfer Pin]

For example, if you are sending N200 to 08034677711, using your new pin which is 2060, then your message will be like this:

  • Transfer 08034677711 200 2060 and send to 777

After you have send the message, you will receive an sms which tells you to confirm your transfer, all you need to do is to reply the message with YES to 777.

After you have replied, N200 will be dedicated from your account and transferred to the person phone number.

MTN Transfer Code

You can use MTN transfer code to share Airtime on MTN.

  • Dial *600*phone number*airtime*transfer pin#

Here is the sample *600*08034677711*200*2060# and send.

Alternative, using MTN transfer code

  • You can dial *777#
  • Select 1 which is transfer airtime
  • Then enter the recipient’s number
  • Enter the amount of airtime you want to send.
  • Enter your transfer pin.


With the above methods, you will be able to share airtime on mtn using text message or mtn transfer code.


Can I share bonus?

You are not allowed to share bonus.

will I be able to credit someone having zero naira in my account?

Before you can share money with friends and family, you must recharge your line, if not having zero will not be possible for you to share airtime.

Who are allowed to used the service?

Every registered MTN users are allowed to share airtime to families and friends.