How to Transfer Data on MTN : MTN Transfer Code

In this article, you are going learn quick and simple steps to transfer data on mtn. How to transfer data on mtn has been among the top search for Nigerians with an mtn sim.

Most people don’t know it’s possible to share your already bought mb with friends and families.

How to Transfer Data on MTN

Having multiple mtn sims, you don’t need to subscribe for all of them, you can transfer your mtn data to those sims.

If you have a lot of data, you can share it with any of your friend or family by using this quick tutorial in this article.

How to transfer data from mtn to mtn

The mtn gift data will allow to transfer megabytes (mb) with your mtn line to another line.

With the mtn gift data, you can tell your friends to transfer you mb or you can transfer them.

Before you can transfer data to friends or another number, you will need to have an active data plan.

MTN data transfer code

The first thing you need to do is to dial *131# and some options will displayed.

  • Choose 7 for gift data
  • Select 1 to transfer from data balance

Following the above procedures, you will be told to enter the recipient’s phone number, which is the person you want to transfer the megabytes to.

After entering the mtn phone number, then press send/ok.

Doing so, you will see another option, that will ask you to select the amount of data you want to transfer.

You can select 100mb, 50mb or even 10mb.

After you have selected the amount of data you want to transfer, you can press send/ok.

Doing so an option will still prompt up asking you to confirm or cancel the transfer.

Now, processed with your transfer and you will receive a message which tells you have successfully transfer your data to that number.

MTN data transfer

Another way you can use to transfer data on mtn.

Dial *131*Phone number*data amount#

You can follow this format *131*08030004567*100#

At the end of the code is the data amount, so if you want you can change 100 to 50, which it will be 50mb or 100 will be 100mb.

How to transfer MTN mb

Another method you can use is through message, you can use sms to share your megabytes with friends and families.

Your message to use in transferring mb should be in this format

Transfer 08030004567 100 which you need to send to 131.

You won’t be charged for transferring mb on the mtn network, it’s totally free.

Buying data plan for a friend

You can buy a data plan for a friend or family using your own line.

Dial *131#

Choose 7 to gift data and select 2 to buy for a friend.

You will now select daily, weekly or monthly, depend on what duration of data you want to buy for the person.

After you have the type of data you wanted, and the person phone number, which is the person you are buying data for, then press send.

Now you and the person will receive message confirming you just bought a data for the line.

Requesting data from another MTN line

You can request data from another mtn line, asking them to send you data.

Note that the message is completely free. Now follow the steps below

  • Dial *131#
  • Select 7 which is gift data
  • And now select 3 which is request from a friend.

After that, you will be asked to put the friend or family number you want to request data from.

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Doing so, you will receive a delivered message, meaning your request was successfully sent.

Now the person will receive your message, and it’s left for him or her to accept or reject your request.

Or the person will use the above procedure to send you data.