Image Not Showing in AMP (Solved)

If you are using the Google AMP (accelerated mobile pages) in your website and you find the problem, image not showing in AMP, then your problem will be solved in this Article.

The Google AMP has pushed most webmasters and developers to use it service.

Image not showing in AMP


Although, Google AMP is not bad because it will make your website load in seconds.

Using Google AMP will also reduce over loading of your website server.

So you see those benefits, but still while using Google AMP you may encounter one or two problems.

You are searching, “image not showing in Google AMP”, you are going to start seeing images in your website while following this tutorial.

Showing in Google AMP

Login in to your WordPress website and go to your menu options.

Where you will see AMP, now tap on it and go to settings.

You will see “content types”, now tap on it and you will see content types enabled for AMP.

You will see post, page or some other check box.

Check the media box to enable AMP on media files.

To make your images start working on AMP pages.

If the AMP check box is not enabled for media, your images might not show on AMP page.

That’s is not all, we have some things to setup, so that image will work well while you enable AMP on your site.

Before we continue the process, make sure you also check the AMP box on post too.

Not doing so, you will not have AMP posts showing on Google, so try to check it for post, but the page own is not necessary.

After enabling the check box support of AMP on post and media, now look at the mobile redirect check box above. You will see a something like this “Redirect mobile visitors AMP”

You are going to see that with a check box, but because we continue, let’s me explain something for you.

Understanding Google AMP

Let me make you understand more before we proceed to the next, to make image start showing while AMP is enabled.

AMP which is accelerated mobile pages, is a project by Google.

You know, Google as a company with great standard, they are good with their services.

Google being great in the Internet, doesn’t mean they control everything.

AMP has being criticized by many webmasters online.

Even some, made a special post against it.

Let’s move on about showing image while AMP is enabled.

Some browsers doesn’t support AMP, so when they process AMP page, image will not show.

How to solve it?

After you have login to your WordPress, tap the AMP option and go to settings.

Disabling Mobile Redirect

You will now see the redirect mobile visitors to AMP checked box.

Now, uncheck it and tap the save button to save your changes.

Doing so, your site will not be forced to AMP page.

If the redirect check box is on, all your visitors will only access your website carrying the AMP links.

Like I said earlier, not all browser support AMP links.

So if a browser doesn’t support AMP links, it will show your normal url, and your images will start showing.

But if the redirect mobile users to AMP is on, your images will not show on some browsers that do not support AMP because it’s force them to rather shows the AMP links it doesn’t support.


Using Google AMP can be a good choice, but if you don’t know how to use AMP on your site, it’s might turns the opposite.

You can also check How to Disable Google AMP in WordPress

You know opera has two browsers for android phones.

The opera browser support AMP, while the mini version don’t, which means AMP images will not show.

You can also test it your self to see, by adding ?amp to your AMP enabled post using the mini version of opera.

I don’t know the type of browser that you used as you stumble across this article.

But I do believe going through this article, solved your image problem, not showing while AMP is connected.

If the mini version of opera are now supported with AMP or you have anything to say, you are well through comments, and don’t forget to share the article if it helped you.