Inksnation Review: Is Inksnation a Scam in Nigeria

Let’s take a look on Inksnation Review, Is Inksnation a Scam or legit and if you can really earn from it. This network has been trending online expecially in Nigeria.

Note: reading this article, you will also get real human reviews by registered users of Inksnation.

Inksnation reviews scam or legit

It CEO is called Amos Sewanu Omotade which is best known as Universal Daddy Ink.

If a male register to the platform, he is addressed as bro ink, while a female is also address as sis ink.

Their headquarter are located in Nigeria Lagos state. They also claim to have a mailing address in USA, and UK on their site.

The network is registered with CAC Nigeria. But that doesn’t mean it still legit, so let’s find out in this article.

Inksnation Review: Is Inksnation a Scam

This site also claims it project can eradicate poverty in a country within 9 months.

The network focus is to achieve the plan with their own blockchain called InksLedger which is formerly called iBLedger.

Though the InksLedger function is not like the conventional blockchains.

Is this guy trying to rewrite the blockchain?, let’s learn more below.

As we discuss about the Inksnation review, we are going to give real users reviews, what people has said about the Inksnation so far.

What is InksLedger

This is the blockchain of Inksnation’s pinkoin. As mentioned earlier, the InksLedger don’t use to function as the conversational blockchain e.g litecoin, or bitcoin, etc.

Every humans that will sign up in Inksnation will become a living node on the blockchain.

They claimed to make AI work for the humans in a perpetually way.

What is Pinkoin?

As every blockchain do have its own token, InksLedger own coin is called Pinkoin, which is the native coin of InksLedger.

The Inksnation has claimed that the reserve coin will pay every registered members on earth including babies.

Is Inksnation Legit or Scam

Inksnation can be legit and also scam because networks and MMM that arise this days will only trick people to get more money, so you will find out about it at the section of this post below.

You know that the network has three categories on how to earn from it.

You can also check how to earn on inksnation.

Let’s see how Inksnation can be a scam or legit before we dive into the users reviews.

Inksnation Review: Is Inksnation a Scam

This program started with a claim to pay every members, but as we see it is the the exchangers that are currently benefiting from the platform, and that’s why the platform grows every day and left people and end-users to think if Inksnation is scam.

If you are confused about end-user and exchangers, you should enter the link “how to earn on Inksnation” above for more details.

Inksnation’s registered users reviews

As we have discussed about Inksnation in this article, it’s time to give the real users reviews.

Here are the real users reviews of Inksnation

User: Abnorm

Inksnation is a scam

They are scam, since I joined the platform called Inksnation, which I paid one thousand, it’s showing me errors.

User: Ishola Abdulahi

its real but bad connection 

Since when I paid one thousand naira, I am surprised that my account is still unverified up till date and the site is showing errors.

User: STC 30

Inksnation is real

They are real, because Inksnation paid my friend.

User: Omoare Kenny

Inksnation is not a scam

Inksnation is not a scam, they are paying people.

User: Starcoded

Inksnation is a scam

They are scam, only people who are not educated falls a victim. How can you use 1k to get 120k, this is how MMM started.

User: Aroh Edwin

they are legit

They paid me, now they have failed those that criticized them.

User: Alex Opusunju

they are having more users

Thousands of people are still registering Inksnation, each person paying 1,000 naira, the online scammer will get hundreds of millions naira from Nigerians if you calculate it, and he will vanished. Watch and see by yourself.

User: Angel

Inksnation and it’s pinkoin are scam

They are only interested to collect 1,000 Naira from each Nigerians.

They have thousands of Nigerians that have registered on their program, and they will amass sixty million naira from their scam site if you times the money with registered users and they will later disappear into thin air afterwards.

User: OlaMide Oye Tade

They are scam

After registering, I forgot my password and tried resetting it but unable to login, telling me incorrect password all time.

User: Ifiok Uboh

Inksnation is a scam

This is one of the funniest scam I have ever seen, and I am surprised to see how Nigerians will believe such a thing.

First I do heard it’s a cryto currency and next again its said it will be paying registered members 4,000 Naira monthly. If you might asked, where are the getting the money from.

For good advice, if you might get paid, collect it silently and stop spreading the rumor, for you not to be get blame later.

The creators are even hiding.

Atm card with no chips, please they are scam, which machine will operate in without chip.

The money that they will be paying out is now a trap to get more people in to the platform.

Which it can’t be compared with the millions they are going to make. When time of payment reached, they may give excuses or disappear into the thin air.

User: Kannywood

Inksnation is real

They are real because it has almost proven all its promises to it members, especially those in batch A. Their only problem is the merchant because it has no proper agreement.


Welcome back, now that you have just read the registered users of Inksnation reviews, which it will make you understand about the scam or legit issue.

Inksnation is one of those online network, which you don’t need to push all your family members into.

They may fail one day, just as the that broke out online and making a lot of Nigerians to join the platform and later became a failure.

In the review section above, some people claim that Inksnation paid them.

People I know who are registered members to Inksnation, claims that they have not paid them.

You can only earn instantly with Inksnation if you are registered as their affiliate. This is only the type of users that Inksnation are currently paying.

While the other users, we have not heard anything yet.

Now you use the advice of this article and the reviews to make up your mind about the Inksnation network.

If you have anything to say, let’s hear through comments, and don’t forget to share this article to friends and families who are having thoughts about Inksnation.

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