Labor Day : What Is Labor Day & About It In The US

Labor day has approach and most Americans would be searching about labor day in the Web. That doesn’t mean other countries don’t use to celebrate labor day.

Labor Day

It’s celebration could be differ from other countries, it’s celebration in USA could be different from some other countries.

Monday of the long weekend is known as labor day.

What Is Labor Day In The United States.

It’s a federal holiday that’s been celebrated on first Monday in September¬† (i.e in a single day from September 1st through September 7th) for honoring the American labor movement and the contributions and works of laborers to the development and achievement of the United States.

Canada’s Labor Day

In Canada they also celebrate first Monday of September, while more than 80 countries worldwide celebrate international workers day on may 1.

The may day was selected by the second international of socialist and communist parties to recall the Haymarket affair which takes place in Chicago May 4, 1886.

Origin Of Labor Day In United States

Starting in the late 19th century which the trade union and labor movement grew, different groups of trade unionists select a variety of days to celebrate labor.

September holiday called labor day was first proposed in early 1880s in the United States.

Legal Recognition

Popularity of the event wide spread across the United States in 1887, Oregon is the first state in the US to make labor day as public holiday.

While in 1894, thirty states in the US were officially celebrating Labor day.

Unofficial End Of Summer

It’s alternative name is also called “unofficial end of summer” because it points the end of cultural summer season.

During this period many take their two weeks vacation between the two weeks ending labor weekend.

Sales, Discount And Allowance

During this time, many take advantage of large number of customers, this has become more advantage for sales and discounts.

Some marketers claim it’s one of the largest sale date of the year, which its only second to Christmas.

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