Meta Tag Description Not Showing in Google (Solved)

Meta Tag Description Not Showing in Google (Solved) for both WordPress and blogspot users in this article. You will learn how to solve the problem of meta tags description for both WordPress and blogspot users.

Most beginners has been complaining about meta tags not showing the in Google.

Meta Tags Not Showing in Google

That’s why I decided to come up with this article to solve their questions.

After reading this post you will learn how to show meta tags on Google.

Meta tags are good for your website, but though even if you do not write them manually, Google will try to fetch it automatically.

Most beginners already knows the important of meta tags, that why they are worried about it.

I am going to cover this post for both WordPress and blogger users, so let’s first talk about WordPress.

As I already first cover about meta for blogger users, am going to direct you to read this recommend post How to Add Meta Tags to Blogger before coming back.

Solving meta tags not showing on Google for WordPress users

There are quite a way for you to perfectly show your meta tags on Google while using WordPress.

I am going to show you more than one way to show meta tags on Google correctly.

So, it’s left for you to choose which is best for you.

You can use the meta-tag-manager plugin for WordPress, this plugin gives you the ability to easily add your meta tags to your website.

As I said earlier, there are quite a way you can enable your meta tags to show properly on Google.

There are most seo plugins in WordPress that supports the meta tags functionality. For more details You can also check this required post  WordPress Seo Plugins to Increase WordPress Seo.

How to properly show meta tags description for both WordPress and blogger users.

Hope you do understand the importance of meta tags to your website.

Google has already announced that meta tags are not going to increase your site ranking.

What Google has said, has trigger most webmasters to stop caring about meta tags description.

But the seo experts has said, dropping meta tags are not a good choice.

The seo experts are correct because having a good meta tags will reduce your bounce rate.

Having high bounce rate, your website ranking will drop.

So, using meta tags on your site are good practice for your website seo.

I have already given the tutorial links above to show meta tags on Google with blogger.

Now, that you have enabled the meta tags functionality on your site for both WordPress and blogger as mentioned above.

Write your meta tags to be similar with your post content.

Meta tags not showing after enabled

You have successfully enabled the meta tags functionality, but your meta tags description are not showing.

Normally it may takes time for Google to crawl your changes.

You just need to write in your meta tags description box and wait.

Meta Tag Description Not Showing in Google (Solved)

Most times Google will prefer to use the post contents as meta tags that is related to the visitor’s search.

So you should not be worried, if you follow this article correctly.

Let’s hear through comments, if you have any thing to say.