48 Sites that will Pay you to Play Games for Free

In this article, you are going to get 48 sites that will pay you to play games for free. Each of these websites will pay you for playing games and it’s all free to join.

The best thing is that every body like playing games in their free time, while you use this website to play games, you will be able to earn real cash and withdraw it to your account.

There are a lot of companies and website that are willing to pay you for playing games.

sites That will pay you playing games

Many users have given a positive reviews on sites that will pay you for playing games.

48 Websites that will pay you for playing games

Here are the best sites that will pay you for playing games and they are free to join.

1. Worldwinner

This is a online game site you can play to get prizes. They have both free and paid game for you to join and compete.

The entry level is as low as 88 cents.

Worldwinner do claims that they have given prize over $500,000 out daily.

On this site you can find arcade games, card games, supper plinko, Pac-Man, the price is right, angry birds champion, wheel of fortune, and a lot more.

You can join Worldwinner.

2. Exodus 3000

This is a multiplayer game online the game is set 1,000 years in the future.

Exodus 3000 is a RPG strategy game.

In the game, during the catastrophic event on earth, the remaining survivals fled to Mars.

You will earn cash for playing this game and it is called Mars dollars, which you can redeem to a real money.

Exodus 3000 has so far, paid $65,000 to it’s members since 2006.

You can join Exodus3000.

3. Second Life

This is more of a virtual online world rather than just a normal game.

It’s a 3D world where you can create things and connect or chat with people around the world.

They called their members residents. You can interact your avatar with other avatars, places or objects.

You can make money with second life while doing some tasks in the website, such as creating or managing a nightclub, renting property and selling.

After you enter this website, you should navigate to entertainment where you will see games, because this site is not only offering games to pay you, but they also have other ways which they will pay you doing other tasks.

You can join Secondlife.

4. Play and Win

Play and win do claims that they are the best gaming site in Britain. This site allows you to play free games and in return to win a real prizes.

You can find a lot of games as these ones listed here pow, cookies, ludo, mahjong 3, and a lot more.

You can join playandwin.

5. Paid Game Player

Here you will play free games and still get paid.

And the pay you for other tasks such as

  • To complete a survey
  • Referring friends or people
  • To review online games
  • For trying brand name products

You will be earnings points, which you can use in the site for a cash out and prizes.

Those who have the best reviews will win more prizes.

You can join paidgameplayer.

6. Pogo

Here on pogo, you will be able to play most of their games for free.

The also have membership option for you to pay monthly fee, you can also enter a tournament.

You can join pogo.pogo.

7. Bananatic

In the bananatic site, you will get a free game to play. You will need to complete a game quest, and after completing it, you will write your review of the game.

Their virtual currency is banana which you will earn and later exchange the currency for a real cash.

Join bananatic.

8. FreeSlots4U

In freeSlot4U site, you will be able to play free online slots games which you can win prizes on some of those slot machines.

You can get up to 85 slot available for free.

You can join FreeSlots4U.

9. InboxDollars

This is one of the best site to earn money online.

They will pay you for playing games and a lot more.

They will give free $5 just for signing up.

You can join .InboxDollars.

10. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the best GPT site which you need to join.

They will pay you for playing games in their site, and they have other activities which you can earn with.

You can join Swagbucks here.

11. Givling

You will get chance to earn from this site, and you will need to also help others in the process.

Here you will play triva games, you will need to join a three person team. You will Choose true or false in the statement. Until you reach your statement limit.

As the more statement you get correctly, the more higher score your team will get.

Now the highest scoring team will be rewarded with cash, and the money will be shared equally to the three users.

There are more you can do with this game, they will also give money to people to pay their students loans and debts.

You can join Givling here and download their app.

12. Cash Crate

This is a reward site that pay you for doing activities in the site. The will also pay you for playing games.

Cash create allows you to withdraw your earnings when you reach $20.

They will also pay you for referring friends.

You can join cash create here.

13. QuickRewards

This is another reward site that allows you to earn money while participating in the site activities.

Quick reward will pay you for playing games on their site

Join Quick Rewards.

14. SquishyCash

Squishy Cash will pay you through PayPal or check when you play games on their site.

They have other ways which you can earn from their site.

you will get $3 as a new member to their site.

You can join SquishyCash.

15. Get Paid to

This is a cash back website and also a reward site.

you will earn points on their site just for playing games.

5000 points is the same as $1.

You will also earn money for participating in other activities in the site.

Get paid to have different kinds of games which you can play.

You can join GetPaidTo.

16. Repeat.gg

Is not that the site is new, but they just rebranded their name to repeat.gg

You can also earn from this site playing playing games.

You can join Repeat.gg.

17. Twitch

Twitch is a bit different, they are a video platform for gamers, streaming your game play there, you will make money.

They also have different ways you can earn from this site.

You can earn money to become their affiliate and you can earn money from ads, subscription and people’s donation.

You can join Twitch.

18. App Cent

App cent will pay you for downloading advertisers app, and most of the apps are games.

Though you can’t earn big from App Cent, but is a part of way to earn extra bucks from it.

You will be paid in coins, which you will redeem to a real cash.

You can join AppCent.

19. GamesVille

GameVille is a free game based site which you can play games and still earn money.

They will pay you cash to play and win games.

Their game currency which they pay you is GV Rewards. They will pay you in the currency if you win tournament and high scores, etc.

They have a real cash competition rather than GV Rewards, which you will earn real money if you win.

Join GamesVille.

20. GSN Cash Games

GSN Cash Games is another best site which you can win up to $50 dollars.

This game is part of GSN Show which is owned by Sony Entertainment and AT & T Entertainment.

You can join GSNCash Games here.

21. Slingo

Slingo is another gaming site, where you earn money playing games.

You can win real money on slingo games if you win the game.

You can join Slingo.

22. Lucktastic

In lucktastic, you will earn tokens and a chance to win a prize of $100,000 dollars when you play a scratch game.

You can exchange your points for gift card in a popular brand such as amazon.

You can download or join lucktastic.


This is another reward site where you get paid to participate in activities,  such as playing games and more.

Join Earnably.

24. IRazoo

This is a reward site that reward you for the activities you perform on the site.

you will be rewarded for playing game. The longer you play, the more you earn.

You can redeem your points to a real cash.

Join IRazoo.

25. MyPoints

You will get paid playing games on MyPoints website.

And you will get a cash back for shopping, if you use the site.

Join MyPoints here.

26. Treasure Trooper

Treasure Trooper is a reward site and it has been for a very long time.

You will play games on treasure trooper and you will earn from the site.

You can also earn more if you refer your friends.

They have a lot of games which you can play.

Join Treasure Trooper.

48 Sites that will Pay you to Play Games

This other list below are apps, which means you have to download the apps.

Apps that pays you money for playing games

Here are the list of apps that pays you money for playing games.

27. App Nana

You can get the app on playstore

28. Big Time Cash

Big Time Cash can be get on playstore

29. Coin Pop

You can get coin pop on playstore

30. FlitPlay

You can get FlitPlay on playstore

31. Quiz Rewards

You can get Quiz Rewards on playstore.

Here are tournament sites that pay you for game competition

Here are tournament sites you can earn money from.

32. Gamersaloon.com

33. Toornament.com

34. Elsesports.com

You can also earn money from game testing sites.

Here are game testing site

35. Nintendo.com

36. App.playtestcloud.com/signup/

37. www.betabound.com/games/

38. betafamily.com

39. rockstargames.com/careers/

You can also check 10 Captcha Entry Jobs Sites: Captcha Paying Sites

You can use the above sites to test game and you will be paid for doing that.

48 Sites that will Pay you to Play Games


Out of the 48 sites that pays you to play games, I removed the remaining links that are not working, but I will still list them below. So you can check the ones that start working.

40. Clip2play.com

41. bringozone.com

42. Pch.com/games

43. bingoformoney.com/en

44. gamelootnetwork.com

45. corporationmaster.ga

46. lalaloot.com

47. dollarcandygame.com

48. www.freelotto.com

This are the sites I found some of them not working, but you can still check if their services are back.

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  • don’t participate in gambling site
  • Don’t put your real money for any site.
  • any game site that asks for credit or debit card, don’t give them
  • You are suppose to earn from this site and withdraw your money when it’s reach the threshold.
  • You are not supposed to deposit money in any game site
  • Most site pays you in virtual currency, which you need to convert to real cash.

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