Terms and conditions

The author and owner of supermoonhost , here by provide terms and conditions for the website so called supermoonhost.

Here by believed all readers are going to abide to the terms and conditions of the website.
All posts written in supermoonhost are owned and not copyright, also supermoonhost don’t want copyright of it content to another sites, supermoonhost don’t want distribution of it’s content for commercial purposes without permission.
Supermoonhost have the right to sue and shutdown any organization or website that carries it’s contents illegally.
As users of supermoonhost you should not use supermoonhost for the purpose of spamming, all of your activities here must be legit because supermoonhost dislike activities of spam, expecially when trying to use the website so called supermoonhost for spam activities.


You shall not place malicious links in supermoonhost comment box, most people comment just for the purpose to share links through comments, supermoonhost will not approve that except it’s from a reliable source.


You should not use supermoonhost contact information for another purpose and if you haven’t gotten a reply, you should not send one question multiple times, for not replying you that doesn’t mean we forgot, but we are trying to answer those other people that first send for a help or questions.


After reading the terms and conditions of supermoonhost, there’s a believe that all readers and users with external authors of supermoonhost, if there’s will be, and abide or follow the terms and conditions of supermoonhost.