What are pageviews

You want to know what are pageviews?, while in this article, you are going to learn the meaning of pageviews. Most beginners has been asking what are pageviews, that’s why I decided to come up with this article.

In the world of online publishers, the amount of website visitors are necessary. If a website having no visitors, there will be no sales and business.

what are pageviews

Definition of pageviews

A pageviews can simply be defined or related to a user viewing a page in the Web.

A user can also browse more pages per website visit.

The most popular tool used to track website visitors on the Web is Google Analytics.

Here is how Google analytics do describe pageviews.

Pageviews in Google analytics?

Google analytics use a tracking code to track a view of page on a website. Note that, if a person visit more than one page, it is also counted as extra pageviews.

What are a unique pageviews?

In terms of unique pageviews, they are just slightly different from ordinary pageviews.

In Google analytics, it do refers as page that are been accessed by the same person at the same session or during the same session.

If a person do visit a Web page once or multiple times at a specific session, it can be counted or called a unique pageview.

Sessions are based or related to 24 hours in Google Analytics calculation, before it refresh.

However, in unique pageviews, if a user visit a page more than once within 24 hours, it is still counted as one pageview.

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How to see your pageviews in Google analytics

To see your pageviews in the Google Analytics is very easy, all you need to do is sign up for your Google analytics account.

If you already have any Google account like Gmail, you will just need to only login.

You can type “Google analytics” on the Google search, enter the url and sign in.

If you are using WordPress there are a lot of plugins that will help you to connect your site with Google Analytics.

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If you are not using wordpress but blogger, you can still connect your blogspot to Google Analytics.

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What are visitors, impressions and hits?

A visitor referred as a person that comes to your website.

An Impression is the views of ad on a page or when an ad is being viewed. If an ad is having one thousand impressions, means it has been viewed up to one thousand.

Hits are related to file requests on a server, and it is way to measure server traffic.

Though it’s not always very accurate towards the site usage and website visitors.

For example, if a user do visit a written post plus three images, then it will result in 4 hits, while it’s just only one visitor that bring all those hits.

How to Generate more pageviews

To get more pageviews is related to increase your site traffic. There are various ways you can generate more pageviews.

Using social traffic

You can use social media to increase your site traffic, you can use Facebook or the Facebook group, twitter or pinterest. There are many social networks, which you can use any one to boasts your site traffic.

Paid traffic

You can buy traffic from Facebook, Twitter or from Google ad. This will also boasts your site traffic and increase your pageview.

Seo/organic traffic

This is one of the best part to increase your website seo for free or naturally. Is the method to optimize your website in a way that please search engines.

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Now, you understand the meaning of pageviews, which is what most beginners ask when they are into the webmaster system.

After you have read this article, you will now understand the meaning of pageviews.

Related Questions Or FAQ

What is the difference between unique pageviews and pageviews?

If a person visit a page in a section which is referred as 24 hours, it is calculated as one page view and it will be added the more they view

However, if a person visit a Web page multiple times during 24 hours, is referred as one unique visitor.

What are pageviews in the Google Analytics?

In Google Analytics, they are the views of website users that is being tracked by the tracking code of Google analytics.

How do I find my unique pageviews in the Google Analytics?

You will need to login to your Google Analytics account and go to Google Analytics > Behavior > Overview.


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