WordPress Ping List 2021 for faster Indexing new Post

You are going to get a list of WordPress ping list in 2021 and a brief knowledge about the ping list.

WordPress ping list are very good to extend your site reach most of the search engines.

WordPress Ping List

Take note that blogs has the advantage over static and dynamic sites in form of ping.


If you have less knowledge or you don’t know about WordPress ping features, then you should take note.

If happens that you publish, edit or modify any post, then WordPress sends to all ping services.

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know that by default, WordPress do notifies ping service, and you can extend your limit by adding more ping list in WordPress.

You can ping more services by adding them manually in WordPress.

You are going to get the latest ping list with no breaking url, which i have gotten from the WordPress codex list and I have removed the broken and error url.

WordPress Ping List

Now copy this ping list and login to your WordPress dashboard.


How to add and update WordPress ping list:

After you have login to your WordPress dashboard, go to settings 

go to settings

and tap on writing

tap on writing

Scroll down to the update services and add all the ping list provided above and press the save button.

update services

Is not about putting hundreds of pings services full with broken url in your WordPress that matter.

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You can only put ten to fifteen pings url in your WordPress which is ok.

WordPress Ping List 2021 for faster Indexing new Post

WordPress normally comes with one service which is rpc.pingomatic.com and you can also add your own ping list as mentioned above.

worried about excessive pings

There are some blogs that encourages the need to fix too much ping by WordPress.

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There is even a plugin in WordPress which is called WordPress ping optimzer to control your pings system.

When ever you edit your post frequently, the plugin will stop WordPress from sending unnecessary pings.

When you update hundreds of your posts post in a day, just to make your content fresh with little changes.

Some bloggers do think that might cause problem, but most bloggers it is OK for them.

For me I will not like to disable pings for my edit posts, because it will bring my old post to be updated.

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You should not be worried about pinging each time you edit your post.

There is a code in WordPress which is called cron.php file in the wp-includes.

With this code in WordPress is that it schedules the ping, if you ever makes any change to your site.

It schedule the pings, no more pings in the next ten minutes, if you make five changes within ten minutes, only one ping occurs.

WordPress Ping List 2021 for faster Indexing new Post

What you need to do

When you search for WordPress ping list on Google, you will find hundreds of them.

Then what you need to do is that, you need to check all the ping url before you put it inside your WordPress.

Like for example, the list of pings services I provided above, first I got nearly hundreds of them which takes me about two days to scrape out the dead and error links among them.

I got about hundreds of them from other trusted blog, blogsnowshoutmeloud with few from WordPress codex.

It takes me about two days to compare both and remove the dead and error url.

why do some ping service do later become dead or error ?

Yes, some ping services do later become dead or error, when the creators later are unable to pay or finance the service.

How to check if a ping services is still working ?

After you enter the website or blog that provides the list of the ping service, copy one of the url and put it in your browser, to open the address.

If the address open, it should show you things that are related to ping services.

For example, it will tell you they only accept post or show you things related to ping services.

WordPress Ping List 2021 for faster Indexing new Post

While for errors, it will show you that the domain is for sale or unavailable, sometimes it will not load.

final thoughts about WordPress ping list

Now you understand about WordPress ping and you can use the ping list to boast your new posts.

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If you find any dead or error links in the above ping list provided above, you should try to comment.

As of 2021, the above urls are also used in supermoonhost, so you are not alone.

Don’t forget to reach us through comments if you find any error in the ping url above.

Cares about anything to contribute or you are confused, then let’s hear from you through the comments box.